BLINKs Think YG Entertainment Turned Down A Rosé x Gallant Collab—And They’re Not Happy

Gallant sent Rosé a song on Instagram last month.

After GRAMMY-nominated U.S. R&B singer Gallant gave fans a cryptic message about his possible collaboration with BLACKPINK’s Rosé, BLINKs are outraged at the thought that YG Entertainment may have turned it down.

Back at the end of February, Rosé uploaded yet another beautiful video of herself to Instagram.

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Among the comments from her famous fans was something rather unexpected—alternative R&B singer Gallant letting Rosé know he’d sent her a song.

In the U.S. pop sphere, Gallant is known for his expressive music and striking falsetto. To K-Pop fans, he’s known for his collabs with Korean artists. Gallant has worked with Epik High’s Tablo, Eric Nam, and MONSTA X among others. He even once covered a few seconds of “Singularity” by BTS’s V.

BLINKs were understandably ecstatic to see that an artist as esteemed as Gallant had taken an interest in BLACKPINK’s main vocalist. Some fans even hoped that this might be a chance for Rosé’s long-promised solo to come to fruition.

But on March 6, Gallant’s response to a BLINK painted a somewhat different story. On Gallant’s Instagram live broadcast, a fan commented “DO A COLLAB WITH ROSÉ”.

In response, Gallant told the viewers that he didn’t expect to hear back from Rosé after sending her the song, but to his surprise, she did. However, he went on to say that he doesn’t have “a good relationship with people’s companies”.

Gallant’s response was cryptic, but fans are taking his answer to mean that YG Entertainment may have put a stop to the collaboration before it even got off the ground.

According to BLINKs, it wouldn’t be the first time. A month ahead of the BLACKPINK members’ arrival in Australia for their In Your Area tour, one determined fan slid into ELLE Australia’s DMs. They asked the ELLE Australia team if there’d be a possibility for a photoshoot with Rosé, who was raised in the country.

Surprisingly, the team actually got back to the fan expressing interest in the idea.

So, even more fans decided to DM the magazine to get the ball rolling. In response, the ELLE Australia team assured fans that they were trying to organize the shoot and had already contacted YG Entertainment.

However, despite all that, the shoot never happened, prompting BLINKs to assume YG Entertainment failed to accept the offer for Rosé. According to fans, the Gallant issue is just one of many examples.

Other singers have also expressed a wish to collab with Rosé. IU, for example, didn’t hesitate to bring up Rosé when asked which female singer she’d like to work with in 2017. Of course, that collaboration didn’t come to fruition either.

Understandably, BLINKs are upset at the thought that Rosé’s own company may be putting roadblocks in her way. Of course, since Gallant never confirmed or denied anything explicitly on his Instagram live stream, there may still be a possibility that the company is in talks over the collab.