“Gangnam ink terrorist” Harassing Girls In Public And Stealing Their Pantyhose

The world famous district of Gangnam, Seoul was struck with fear because of the “ink terrorist”

He wandered the side streets of Gangnam and would wait for women who were walking by themselves.

When he spotted a victim, he would take out the black ink he always he carried and would spray it all over their legs.

He mainly attacked women who wore stockings because he had a pantyhose fetish.

After the women got attacked, they would throw away their stockings in the nearest bathroom.

The “ink terrorist” would then go to the bathroom after the victim left and collect the stockings from the trash can.

He continued to terrorize the district until he finally got caught thanks to an undercover operation by authorities.

TV Reporters got the approval from authorities and tagged along the authorities to document the capture of the “ink terrorist.”

“The undercover operation to capture the Gangnam “ink terrorist.”

When he was finally captured, authorities found that he had stored all the stockings inside his pants.

Just on that night alone, he had a total of 7 stockings with him.

The “ink terrorist” faced a 10-month prison sentence and 2 years probation for his crimes.