Gary Shared Photos of Himself Being Absolutely Adorable with His Son at a Park

Aw, look at their cute matching hats!

Gary recently updated his fans on his well-being by uploading photos of himself playing at the park with his adorable little son.

The photos show him wearing matching hats with his son, and the caption reads, “Saturday vibe” which fully conveys the leisurely day they spent together.

At what appears to be a park along the Han River, they appear to have had a full-on picnic with lots of snacks and outdoor activities.

The way Gary’s seen laying on a picnic blanket with his hat over his face makes it clear just how comfortable and relaxed he’s been in recent days.

Gary married an ordinary woman back in 2017 and disappointed fans by halting all of his broadcasting activities. But in November of that year, he shared the happy news of having a son, and it’s pleasing to see that they’re both doing well.


Source: Dispatch