The True Story Behind Gary’s Wife…And Why He Cut All Ties To Running Man

No one has ever seen her before.

Korean reporters have lifted the veil on who Gary‘s wife really is. They found out that Gary’s wife, referred to as Miss Kim, was actually an employee of Gary and Gil’s company, Leessang Company.


His wife had been working at the company for about 5 years in an entry-level position. It was also reported that Gary’s wife was born in 1988 making her 10 years younger than Gary. The exact appearance of his wife remains a mystery, as no pictures have been shared by Gary. Furthermore, insiders state no one was aware of the two having a relationship.

They were married in April 2017, to many people’s surprise, and welcomed a son in November 2017. Gary uploaded this photo to announce the news.


The news of his marriage was so shocking that his Leessang partner Gil and the Running Man cast members had no idea that he was dating, let alone getting married. They also commented on the fact that Gary changed his number without letting anyone know.

“We heard you changed your number. Even if you changed your number, our friendship lives on.

– Running Man cast members


Since his marriage, Gary has halted all broadcast activities and deleted all his old posts on Instagram. He has since started uploading photos again, including some photos of his baby.

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A lucky fan snapped a selfie with Gary in Japan, but he has largely stayed out of the limelight.

Source: Nate News