Where Is She Now? The K-Pop Idol Who Was Fired For Being Gay

She trained at SM Entertainment before her debut.

While there are certainly more LGBTQIA+ celebrities open about their sexuality in Korea, there is no doubt that making the brave step of coming out can be detrimental to a star’s career.

For example, entertainer KilliAN once shared how he was kicked out of JYP Entertainment after it was discovered he was dating a fellow male trainee.

The JYP Entertainment Trainee Who Was Kicked Out Because He Was Dating A Fellow Male Trainee

It is said that something similar happened to a female idol, though she had already made her debut.

In 2007, a female soloist named Magolpy debuted with “Flying High,” a track featuring ex-Super Junior member Kangin. The music video also had appearances from several other popular celebrities.


Originally training under SM Entertainment for four years before moving to Jerry Entertainment, it seemed like the talented star was on her way to stardom.

This is where some of the mystery about her sudden career change comes in. It was reported she came out in an interview during an episode of Kim Hong Joong‘s Music Date as a lesbian.

Jerry Entertainment first tried to play it off as a joke. It is said that she did not go along with this, leading Jerry Entertainment to kick her out of the company.

Jerry Entertainment worked hard to remove all evidence of her from the internet, which is part of why her coming out and removal is somewhat regarded as hearsay.

After being kicked out of Jerry Entertainment, she released a single album in 2012 and was picked up by another label in 2015, releasing “Obvious Story” under the new name MAMAN. “Obvious Story” depicts a relationship between two women that ends in heartbreak.

Her latest release was in June 2016, after which it seems she disappeared from the internet….that is, until about nine months ago when her YouTube channel suddenly updated with a short film, which MAMAN shared as part one of an autobiography.

When someone in the comments asked if she was Magolpy/MAMAN, she confirmed this, saying she has no intentions of returning as a singer yet.

Instead, these days, she runs a pet channel for her cats, Avi and Cream! About once a week, MAMAN uploads a video of her cat to the YouTube channel, TheButler’sShortFilm.

It is good to see the star enjoying her life, and we hope she returns to music when she is ready!

Source: Sports Chosun

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