Watch G-Dragon Accidentally Smash Himself in the Face with a Cooking Pot

Even G-Dragon makes some clumsy mistakes!

The BIGBANG members appeared on a Japanese program where the members were playing each other in a game of “who hits first”.

A pot was left in the middle for the loser of the game to shield himself from his opponent’s hit.


It was Daesung and G-Dragon’s turn to play the game when the incident happened. As Seungri was introducing the two contestants, G-Dragon kept practicing shielding himself with the pot.


Rather than shield himself, however, he smashed the pot right into his head!


He began stumbling after he received the blow and couldn’t lift his head for quite awhile…


The other members couldn’t help but laugh at him and it seems G-Dragon was in pain and annoyed at his mistake too as he shouted, “It hurts!!”


Thanks to G-Dragon’s moment of clumsiness, the members and viewers got a really good laugh out of it! It also proved that G-Dragon is just a normal person just like anyone else! Check out the full video below: