G-Dragon Reveals Photos of the Party He Had with His Family Following His Military Discharge

Welcome back, GD!

G-Dragon recently revealed multiple photos of a military discharge party he had with his family on his official Instagram account.


The shared photos show G-Dragon along with his parents and his sister, Kwon Dami and her new husband.


It appears from the photos that G-Dragon’s family all gathered in one house in order to celebrate G-Dragon’s military discharge together.


In another photo captioned, “Dad’s salute“, G-Dragon captured his father wearing the floral necklace that was gifted to G-Dragon on the day of his discharge while showing off a playful salute.


What made the reveal particularly heartwarming was the sign that G-Dragon’s parents prepared which read, “Our beloved son, Kwon Jiyong! Congratulations on your military discharge! Thank you for coming back healthy. We love you.


In addition, G-Dragon shared a photo of all the balloons his mother prepared, giving fans an idea of just how excited his family was for his return.

Once again, welcome home, GD!

Source: Dispatch