G-Dragon’s Cafe On Jeju Island Makes Almost $15,000 A Day

Untitled, 2017 is rolling in the big bucks while the owner is finishing his military duty.

As one of the island’s more popular tourist attractions, G-Dragon‘s café,Untitled, 2017, has been attracting lots of visitors from around the world in addition to local regulars.


The cafe is a part of YG Republique in Jeju Shinhwa World, the first and only fully integrated resort on Jeju Island.

Not only is GD the official brand ambassador, he was also involved in everything from concept development to simple design details.


A representative from the YG Republique Jeju Shinhwa World team revealed that due to word of mouth, more and more international fans are visiting the cafe.

“I’ve been a fan of GD’s since I was younger so for this Jeju Island vacation, I planned to visit here first.” — Fan interviewed by Seoul Finance


The interior design choices by GD aren’t the only hints of him inside Untitled, 2017.

Goods designed by G-Dragon like tumblers, pins, coffee beans, and more are available for sale as well.


As a result, the cafe makes an average of over 15 million KRW ($13,900 USD) a day.

The rep from YG Republique in Jeju Shinhwa World claimed this is proof that the reaction to Untitled, 2017 has been very hot.


AC.III.T (pronounced ACT), the Bowling Pub that G-Dragon also had a hand in planning and designing, recently opened at the end of March.

With the success of Untitled, 2017, there’s little doubt that AC.III.T will be a success as well!


Source: Seoul Finance