G-Dragon Is The Only K-Pop Artist Licensed To Sample Daft Punk

G-Dragon’s “OUTRO (Divina Commedia)” might sound a little familiar, especially to fans of French electronic duo, Daft Punk. 

The song actually samples Daft Punk’s “Veridis Quo,” and it’s instantly noticeable at first listen.

In music, sampling is legally using a part of another song through a license from the original artist or creator.

But sampling a popular track isn’t as easy as it sounds.

To use “Veridis Quo” in “OUTRO (Divina Commedia),” G-Dragon had to get approval from Daft Punk themselves.

Daft Punk has been known for being pretty strict with licensing.

In fact, they even blocked will.i.am from releasing a music video for his remix of “I Got It From My Mama,” which contained a sample from “Around the World.”

They must have really liked G-Dragon’s track!