G-Dragon Once Wrote A Hit Song… After Getting Rejected On A Blind Date

There was a sad story behind this legendary song.

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon seems to have been a hit with the ladies since way back when, but that wasn’t always the case. He once went on a blind date and got rejected!

Due to the heart ache and the pain, he decided to write out his feelings in a song. And that song became an instant national hit!

During his early days after debut, G-Dragon went on a show where he got to go on his first blind date ever! He showed off his adorable charms but was ultimately rejected by the woman.

When he was interviewed after his rejection, G-Dragon vowed that he will be writing out his feelings in the next BIGBANG album. And when asked what the title will be, he contemplated before saying… “Look At Me, Gwisun”!

And thus, the legendary trot his was born!

“Look At Me, Gwisun” is fellow BIGBANG member Daesung’s debut track into the trot world. The song quickly rose to take over multiple music charts, not just in trot but in the general cateogories!

It was such a hot sensation that even his Japanese fans were completely smitten by it!

Although the song is upbeat and energizing, the story behind the song all started off with G-Dragon’s first blind date that resulted in a heart break!

But at least it further solidified his relationship with his younger brother, Daesung!

And even over a decade later, “Look At Me, Gwisun”, is a popular trot song enjoyed by fans of all ages!

Check out the full video of how the song came to be below: