G-Dragon Referred To His Own Brand As “Thieves” Not Realizing He Was Being Recorded

Embarrassment 101.

G-Dragon‘s brand PEACEMINUSONE is a super popular brand, especially among fashionistas. While some of his products are priced well, even G-Dragon admitted others are not!


During an Instagram Live, he visited a PEACEMINUSONE store. After looking around he asked the staff how much they were selling their lighters for.

These lighters are about ten times more expensive than plain lighters!


When the staff responded back that each lighter was sold for 5,000 KRW (about $4.75) he was absolutely shocked and responded that they were thieves.

“5,000 won for one? We’re thieves!” — G-Dragon


When the staff told G-Dragon they were doing a live, he was so embarrassed that it took him a couple of minutes to compose himself. Then, in good humor, he turned to the camera and said the lighters were actually a bargain!

“5,000 won is such a bargain! They’re really worth it.” — G-Dragon


Netizens are loving both his reactions!

  • “He’s so cute!”

  • “It’s expensive, but it’s not. LOL!”

  • “LOL. If it’s 5,000 won it’s cheap!”

  • “GD is so funny!”

  • “It’s his own product and he says they are thieves!”

  • “Too funny!”

Source: Dispatch and Instiz