Here’s Why G-Dragon Is Taeyang’s One And Only Friend

G-Dragon surprised Taeyang with a special video message in a recent episode of Oppa Thinking.

In the video, G-Dragon was asked several questions about Taeyang and what he meant to him.

G-Dragon first explained that Taeyang didn’t have many friends, so he was most probably his only friend.

“Taeyang doesn’t have many friends.

I think I’m his only friend.”

— G-Dragon

After the video ended, Taeyang confirmed it was true, only because he liked to stay at home rather than going out.

“Since I like staying at home more, I don’t really meet a lot of my friends outside.

The people I can truly call my friends are the BIGBANG members.

When I was younger, I had a lot of friends, but as I started this career, how should I say this… I didn’t have enough time to meet them, it was difficult to maintain a conversation.”

— Taeyang

Watch the video below.