Why Did G-Dragon Have Unlimited Praise For Pre-Debut Rosé?

Nothing could hide Rosé’s talent.

Even before she made her debut, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé already released a duet track with a top-level singer. She was the mystery singer in “Without You” from the 2012 solo album of BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon, One of a Kind.


At the time, no one knew who the female singer was. Rosé was simply called “? of YG New Girl Group.”

Even though her identity remained a secret, she was highly praised by those who listened to her song—none more so than G-Dragon himself.


In his “First Mini Album Countdown Live,” he played the songs in his album to his viewers. When “Without You” came up, he, Taeyang, Choice37, Tablo, and Lydia jammed to it. He was certain that the best part of the song was not his rap but Rosé’s singing.

The song’s highlight is the voice of one of the members of YG’s new girl group.

— G-Dragon

Despite only being 15 years old at the time, her tone and style were already noteworthy. The BIGBANG rapper commended her unique and pleasant voice that was as sweet as honey.

She’s young but her voice is great. My favorite vocal tone.

— G-Dragon

Even fellow member Taeyang praised her profusely, saying, “I really like this song. [It’s a] really great song indeed.”

G-Dragon ended by expressing his gratitude to Rosé for taking part in the track. “Good job. Thank you!”

Check out the full video below!