How To Get IU’s Pretty Baby Bangs, According To Her Hair Stylist Since Trainee Days

Here’s how!

If you’ve ever wanted to look cute and feminine like IU, there’s one step you can take to get closer to her perfection.

Cutting your bangs to look just like hers is a small but effective way to frame your face similarly. The star’s very own hair stylist since trainee days, Go Seoyoon, shared the process in AYO‘s Comment Defenders series.

| AYO/YouTube
While the secret of IU’s hair is that she “originally has pretty baby hairs”, it’s still possible to emulate her style.

According to Go Seoyoon, it all boils down to the way you trim your hair.

This is a tip! You need to cut that kind of baby hair in a slant.

— Go Seoyoon

The tool you use is equally important. Instead of cutting your bangs with scissors, use a razor that will give a proper diagonal effect.

[Use] you know, an eye brow razor.

— Go Seoyoon

Finally, she reiterated that the technique needed is very particular.

With that, while pushing, if you cut it while pushing it to the side [you’ll get IU’s bangs].

— Go Seoyoon

The best part is that IU herself is very active in the styling procedure, and so copying her bangs is the same thing as copying her own ideas and personal style!

Check out the full video below!