Get To Know CLC A Little Better Through This Charming Game Of “Would You Rather”

From sweet or salty to future lives, CLC answers it all.

The girls of CLC sat down with Newsade to play a lighthearted game of “would you rather?” The girls were given a series of two options to choose from, and some of their answers were kind of hilarious.

For the most part, the girls didn’t answer any questions unanimously, but there were two things they could all agree on: chicken legs over chicken breast, and sweet food over salty food.

Caption: “Sweet vs. Salty” 

They almost answered another one the same, with most members choosing honor over money, but then came Seungyeon…

Caption: “Money vs. Honor” 

On a more philosophical topic, the girls were asked if they would choose to be men or women if they were born in the next life. Sorn, Yujin, Seunghee, and Seungyeon all said they would rather be born again as men, while Elkie, Yeeun, and Eunbin said they would rather be born as women again.

The girls answer everything from “love or friendship” to “soju or beer” in the full video below: