How To Get Rid Of Pimples And Be Blemish-Free Just Like Your Favorite Idol

Get tips straight from a K-celeb.

Korean rapper and vlogger Grace Kim revealed the affordable way Korean celebrities maintain flawless, blemish-free skin—and it is surprisingly affordable! Grace acknowledges that a lot of entertainers do visit skincare clinics regularly, however, that isn’t the only thing they do to take care of their skin.

Skincare clinic montage | Source: GRAZY GRACE/YouTube

The first thing Grace suggests in pimple patches, in particular, she recommends Glam Up brand pimple patches with microneedles. These pimple patches have microneedles that should be used before a flare-up and should be followed up with the hydrocolloid patch, which will absorb impurities.

Source: GRAZY GRACE/YouTube

As part of her cleansing routine, Grace uses Biore makeup wipes before continuing her nightly cleansing. She notes not to use towels to dry your skin because they have bacteria on them!

Source: GRAZY GRACE/YouTube

You also need to make good use of facemasks! Grace shares that she uses facemasks three to four times a week.

Source: GRAZY GRACE/YouTube

Overall, it seems that the important takeaway from Grace’s video is to take care of your skin and keep it clean and hydrated, as well as to take care of your pimples before they turn into a full-blown outbreak.

Watch the whole video for all of Grace’s tips and tricks, as well as to learn where she bought her products from: