Get Up From That Seat Right Now and Follow This Professional BTS DNA Cardio Workout

BTS’s K-Pop dreams of world domination continue, as now they have a cardio routine that’s choreographed to their song “DNA”.

Caleb Marshall, the head of The Fitness Marshall, took a note of the performance and created a special work out choreography to “DNA” on his Youtube Channel.

The dance routines are consists of full body work out, yet they are not as intense as the original dance, so even a beginner can follow it.

The video went viral in such a short time as A.R.M.Y truly appreciated his choice of music!

The Fitness Marshall page has over 1 million subscribers and they are known for mixing the latest hot songs with their own cardio infused choreography.

They covered amazing artists such as Taylor Swifts, Justin Timberlake, and Meghan Trainor and BTS is the first K-Pop artist that was featured on the channel.

The video comes on the tail of the epic “DNA” performance at the  American Music Award, leading BTS to #1 on Google Trends Search in the United States.

A.R.M.Y is happy that they can be in better physical shape now, listening to BTS and doing the cardio work out at the same time!

Watch the full clip of The Fitness Marshall dancing to BTS “DNA” below: