This Is How To Do Sexy Makeup To Look Exactly Like Female Idols

AOA Chanmi is taking everyone through the 4 key steps it takes to get sexy idol-level makeup. 

Thanks to AOA Chanmi’s new web-series Get Ready With Me, anyone can master these moves.

Products like balms and glosses are a key part of the look.

One of the key features to sexy idol makeup is looking “dewy” and clean.

First, even out skin tone with a bb cream or cover-up using a damp sponge or blending brush.

Next, apply a thin, elongating mascara to both upper and lower eyelid to create the maximum lash effect.

Then, go for a bold lip color – Chanmi used purple because it’s very glamorous.

Finally, Chanmi’s secret, known as “5 light” contouring process, uses another blending technique to brighten the skin!

Those are the key points, but you can watch the full AOA Chanmi’s Get Ready With Me tutorial below!