Want Perfect Skin Like GFRIEND? Here Are The Members’ 4 Skincare Secrets Revealed

Here are the products and tips you need to be using.

GFRIEND may have moved away from their initial youthful innocence with releases like “Apple”, but their skin still looks as gorgeous as it did when they first debuted. If they can look this radiant with their skin under the pressure of stage makeup and sleepless nights, there’s no reason you can’t too. Just follow these 4 skincare tips they revealed in a recent interview with Allure.

1. Wear heavy makeup? Use milder cleanser

If you wear a lot of makeup over the day, you may make the mistake of thinking you need a heavier cleanser to clean it all off. However, Sowon says that since she’s been wearing more makeup recently, her skin has become more sensitive. To avoid aggravating it, she’s started using gentler products.

Eunha and Yuju agree, switching from cleansing foams to mild cleansing milks recently.

2. Double up on nighttime products

One of Yerin’s best skincare tips lately is doubling up on products during the nighttime part of her routine. Adding extra layers of hydration to your skin before you sleep will help you wake up fresh-faced.

Likewise, Eunha has been applying extra lip balm before bedtime to keep her lips smooth and supple throughout the day.

3. Try different face masks

According to her fellow members, SinB has the most intensive nighttime skincare routine. SinB says that face masks are the most important step, and she never forgets to put one on each night.

While many people stick to using their favorite type of face mask day after day, SinB uses a different one each night. Different face masks have different active ingredients, so using a variety of masks can help you achieve an all-round flawless complexion.

4. Try out beauty devices

Skincare isn’t all about lotions and cleansers. Lately, Umji has been trying out a range of tech-powered beauty tools to keep her skin looking radiant.

While she didn’t specify which devices she likes, some options to try include electronic cleansing brushes, LED acne masks, and facial toning tools.

Source: Allure