G-Friend share details of the first time they all had drinks together

This is what happened when all G-Friend members all had drinks all together for the first time.

In a recent episode of KBS‘s music competition program, Immortal Song 2: Singing the Legend, G-Friend appeared as guest stars and revealed what they did as a group as soon as SinB and Umji became the last members to become of legal drinking age.

In Korea, the legal drinking age begins on January 1st of the upcoming year, and not on the date the teen turns 18. Therefore, GFRIEND’s Umji revealed that the group and their agency employees all gathered to drink on New Years Day after the end-of-year award ceremonies.

When Umji was asked how it tasted, she gave a very unexpected answer.

“It was so refreshing! I was pretty thirsty.”

— GFRIEND’s Umji

The whole studio ended up bursting out in laughter at Umji’s honest answer and commended her alcoholic tolerance, which contradicted her innocent and youthful image.

Watch the segment here!