GFRIEND SinB’s Never Before Seen Video From Elementary School Released

Here’s what elementary school SinB had to say:

A video footage of GFRIEND‘s SinB from her elementary school days recently surfaced on YouTube.


The 13-years-old (Korean age) SinB can be seen making a short speech to her fellow students about the school year ending.

“Hello, I am the vice president of Wonpyeong elementary school, Hwang Eunbi. It’s been 6 years since we started elementary school. Isn’t it sad to hear that we’re already graduating? But I’m sure the memories we’ve made during the 6th grade field trip left us all feeling happy. Even though we may be going to separate middle schools, I hope we can become students that Wonpyeong elementary school can be proud of.” — SinB


The video was apparently filmed when SinB was Vice President of her class in elementary school, as she bid her classmates farewell as they prepared to move onto middle school.


Netizens who saw the video were amazed by how her beauty remained unchanged since her childhood!

  • “Wow… She’s the same… especially her nose… People’s faces usually change as they grow up but she’s continued to stay the same.”
  • “She hasn’t changed one bit, it’s hard to tell what age she was whenever you see her past photos. You only know by her height~~”
  • “She has such a pretty nose I’m so jealous”
  • “I honestly believed she had a lot of plastic surgery done, until now…”
  • “She’s always been pretty”


They were also amazed how well she’s grown up, proving she’s got more than just beauty but brains as well!

  • “Ooooh SinB was a vice president at her school?? Well, she does seem like the type to be popular among her friends. That hasn’t changed at all.”
  • “She grew up so well”
  • “I’m not even SinB’s fan but I’m amazed by her. I hope she gets more famous”


Be amazed by SinB’s adorable video from elementary school!

Source: Nate Pann