GFRIEND SinB Spotted Disrespecting Her Manager At Fansign, Fans Amazed

SinB doesn’t take nothin’ from nobody.

SinB stole fans’ hearts when she completely dismissed her manager at a fansign. He was trying to interrupt her conversation with the Buddy in front of her, but she gave him the hand.

SinB is known for taking control, especially when it comes to her fans. Like the time her manager tried to take away a fan’s gift while they were still talking and she wasn’t having any of it.

Or the time a fan was so nervous about meeting SinB that he started sweating profusely. SinB got her manager to fetch a tissue for him.

Or the time she literally had to get pushed out by her manager at the end of a fansign, because she didn’t want to leave her fans behind.

… And don’t forget about the time a fan wanted to give his letter to her but got blocked by the manager. SinB stopped in her tracks, and reached out for the fan’s letter.

She cares just as much about her members too. Umji was being grabbed at the airport, and SinB just pulled her away like the boss she is.

And all SinB hopes for is the same undivided attention from her fans in return, so don’t let her catch you saying their manager is cute!

It’s clear that SinB is a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man(ager).