Yuju Reveals GFRIEND’s Viral “Slippery Stage” Was Worse Than It Looked

It’s not easy being a K-Pop girl group idol.

Back in 2015, on a rainy day, GFRIEND had to go on a wet outdoor stage to perform “Me Gustas Tu”. The girl group received a lot of unexpected attention as the “Kkwadang (꽈당, floppy)” girl group when the members struggled to stay standing and the camera captured their failed attempts.


On a recent interview, GFRIEND’s Yuju talked about what was actually going on on the stage that day.


Yuju agreed that the stage condition wasn’t perfect, but not because of the very obvious reason.

“Aside from the stage being wet, there were so many bugs. I was more worried about the bugs getting on me.” — Yuju


Yuju casually mentioned that she had a broken finger from falling so many times and shocked the hosts.

“After I got off stage, I realized my finger was broken.” — Yuju

It was because I kept falling on the hand that was holding the microphone.” — Yuju


The finger injury wasn’t too severe and was immediately treated. Yuju, who claimed herself as being quite numb to pain, said the treatment didn’t hurt too much either. She’s a true warrior!

“There are so much more hardships in life. A little pain isn’t too big of a deal for me.” — Yuju

Source: Dispatch