GFRIEND Umji gets caught making adorable mistake

It only took one scan of the camera to spot Umji’s mistake during GFRIEND’s recent performance.

On December 25th, G-FRIEND attended as guest performers for the 2016 SBS Entertainment Awards and performed a medley of their recent hits.

At one point of the performance, however, Umji missed her cue and forgot to put the microphone up to her mouth. The slight mistake caught her lip syncing as the camera zoomed in towards her.

Although the performance caught some attention for GFRIEND not being able to perform live during the awards ceremony, many of her fans thought it was simply a slight mistake. It was also discussed that GFRIEND tends to performance with head microphones, but failed slightly when they were given hand-held ones for this performance instead.

The performance was also one of Umji’s recent appearance since recovering from her leg injury. She joined the group last November for the 2016 Super Seoul Dream Concert.

The incident starts just after the 01:09 mark.