GFRIEND’s Umji Looked Almost Unrecognizable at Recent Dior Event in Seoul

She just keeps getting prettier and prettier.

A launching event for the launch of the new Dior Addict Stellar Shine lipstick took place in Seoul which was attended by many beautiful stars such as GFRIEND‘s Umji, Yerin, and SinB, as well as Sunmi, Dean, and Gray.

All the stars showed off their individual charms, but the person that especially stood out was GFRIEND’s Umji.

Umji showed up in a beautiful off-the-shoulder dress that made her look like a fairy from a storybook.

As an idol who is well-known for undergoing a massive diet and maintaining her new weight with great discipline, she once again showed off her beautiful new figure and accentuated facial features.

There’s no doubt that Umji looked amazing even before her big diet, but it’s undeniable that her slender figure gives her a delicate charm that elicits a kind of protective instinct.

Check out a few more shots of Umji’s blinding radiance below:

Source: Insight and @AllUmji


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