GFRIEND And VIVIZ: Umji Points Out A Major Difference In Their Promotions

They’re all on the same page about the different approach.

When VIVIZ‘s Umji stopped by Kiu‘s hair salon, she shared one of the major differences between promoting as a member of VIVIZ and their debut group GFRIEND.

SinB, Eunha, and Umji.

Although it’s been less than a month since VIVIZ made a comeback with “PULL UP”, Umji revealed that they’re already planning to release a full-length album. This caught Kiu by surprise, making him wonder how long it’s been since they debuted.

Once Umji confirmed it had been a year since VIVIZ debuted, Kiu was even more surprised they’d already released three mini-albums. That’s when Umji pointed out a major difference between VIVIZ and GFRIEND.

Umji said that GFRIEND was limited to “two comebacks a year,” while VIVIZ has more freedom to exceed that.

For those worried the girls might be exhausting themselves, Umji admitted it was a bit “tight” to squeeze in a third mini-album in. But Umji reassured everyone, “We all like working hard.

Listen to Umji share how much extra work they put in to deliver more comebacks for fans.