GFRIEND Yuju’s first attempt at limbo is totally LOL

A GIF of GFRIEND member Yuju attempting to limbo is spreading online, giving fans quite a laugh.

Idol groups BTOB, GOT7, TWICE and GFRIEND were present on the July 27th and August 3rd episodes of Weekly Idol, celebrating the show’s 5th anniversary together with MCs Defconn, Heechul and Hani.

During the limbo game segment of episode 262, Yuju attempted to limbo for the first time, immediately showing off her inflexibility as she leans back in attempts to match the height of the limbo pole. As a joke, Defconn and Heechul lift the limbo pole higher which briefly went unnoticed by the female vocalist before she began to crack up as well.

(Weekly Idol EP.262) Play limbo game Full Ver. – Create, Discover and Share GIFs on Gfycat

The other members of GFRIEND attempted as well with SinB completing the mission successfully.

Watch the full segment with BTOB, GOT7 and TWICE also attempting the limbo mission!