This is why GFRIEND’s Eunha chooses not to go on diets

Unlike most female idols, who go on grueling diets in order to lose weight, GFRIEND‘s Eunha has revealed the reason why she never will.

She’s well known for her sexy curves and adorable cheeks, and she has reassured fans that they won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

On March 22, behind the scenes footage from MBC‘s music entertainment program Show Champion was posted in which Eunha explained why she doesn’t like dieting. She told cameras; “I am not myself when I lose weight. Right now, I’m me! Even the fans love me like this, so I don’t need to diet.”

Fans adore her body!

She went on to explain that her “cheek fat and double chin” is part of her original form and that when she meets her fans, they like her just the way she is.

Her cheeks are loved by everyone!

It’s not everyday that a central figure in the Korean entertainment industry defies beauty standards and refuses to diet. You go girl!

Check out the full behind the scenes video below: