GFRIEND’s Yerin Finally Reveals Her Huge Collection Of This Unusual Doll

Fans are always trying to find ways to please their favorite idols and GFRIEND Yerin’s fans found the key to her heart with this unusual doll.

The Jibang doll has become a trending item in Korea, loved for the round and fat appearance of the doll.

The white plushie is one of Yerin’s favorites and fans in the know are always bringing Jibang dolls as gifts to GFRIEND’s fan meetings.

Over the years, Yerin has amassed an enormous collection of the adorable white plushie and she once promised to give fans a glimpse of it.

Yerin finally kept her promise when she posted this picture of her Jibang collection which fills an entire sofa and stands a testament to her love of the adorable plushie.

After thanking her fans, Yerin confessed that she actually wants to make a Jibang-world—her collection certainly  reflects her aspirations.

Yerin is the queen of her Jibang-empire.