GFRIEND’s Yerin Proves Her Friendship With Apink’s Hayoung and Red Velvet’s Joy By Sending Them A Coffee Truck

’96 line friendship!

With Apink Oh Hayoung‘s debut and Red Velvet‘s comeback, GFRIEND‘s Yerin decided to show support for her ’96 liners by sending them a coffee truck.

hayoung joy1

The sign reads,

To our Yongyongs debut and comeback, congratulations! I love you so much! ’96 forever!

Hayoung and Joy can be seen posing with the coffee truck, thanking her friend. As of now, Yerin is participating in GFRIEND’s Asian tour, so she can’t greet her friends personally.

hayoung joy hayoung joy2

The girls made sure to take many pictures as a thanks for their dear friend.

hayoung joy2 hayoung joy3

They also posted onto their Instagram stories to thank their friend for her sweet gesture.

hayoung joy4

Jung Yeri, you’re the best!

hayoung joy5

Fans are hoping that the three friends reunite soon and that we’ll get a little glimpse into their interactions!

yerin hayoung joy

Source: Pann
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