GFRIEND’s Yerin talks about the men she’s dated

GFRIEND’s Yerin recently starred in MBC’s Video Star and revealed details about her dating life.

Park Na Rae mentioned that Yerin once stated in a past interview that she wasn’t interested in dating currently.

“Dating? I’ve already tried everything high school so I don’t really have any desire to start dating.”

— GFRIEND’s Yerin

When they asked her what she meant by having “tried everything already”, Yerin clarified:

“When I had a boyfriend, we’d go and discover new restaurants and watch movies together while still in our school uniforms. I think I’ve done everything couples of that age can do.”

— GFRIEND’s Yerin

GFRIEND’s Yerin then gave Dal Shabet’s Subin some davice about dating, as Subin said she’d only ever dated one man.

“It’s the same every time. You end up doing the same things with them, like meeting up and eating together, so don’t stress about it.”

— GFRIEND’s Yerin

Watch the segment below!