GFRIEND’s Yuju Just Changed Her Hairstyle For The First Time Since Debut

GFRIEND’s Yuju showed the fans the side that she has never shown before and everyone is freaking out about it!

As the main vocal of GFRIEND, Yuju is known for her amazing vocal skills and angelic face…and he cute bangs.

On November 17, Yuju surprised fans with a selfie on Instagram where she showed off her no-bangs look!

This was the first time Yuju had changed her hairstyle since her debut, and fans could hardly believe their eyes!

Despite some mixed feelings about bangless Yuju, most of the reactions to her new look appear to be positive.

“No no, I cannot explain this feeling but this is just wrong.”

“This hairstyle looks fine to me. It’s so much better than the previous one, it looked stuffy and frustrating to see.”
“Hul.. She looks so much more beautiful without her bangs.”
“She looks like Son Naeun who just lost a lot of weight..”
“She looks 100x times more beautiful without her bangs.. Whoa..”
“Her forehead looks big, she looks better with her bangs in my opinion..”
“I think she looks fine…”
— Netizen reactions from

Yuju’s hairstyle has been a hot topic before as she had found a way to change her look without making any drastic changes to her hair.

G-Friend’s Yuju has a simple trick to look even more beautiful than usual

With or without bangs, Yuju’s fans will always think she’s gorgeous!

Source: The qoo