(G)I-DLE Breaks Down Their Songwriting Process As A Self-Producing Group

Here’s their process from start to finish!

(G)I-DLE were the most recent guests on the Zach Sang Show, and during their interview, they discussed their U.S. debut, their group dynamic, their creative process, and more.

(From left): (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon, Minnie, Soyeon, Yuqi, and Shuhua | Zach Sang Show/YouTube

Host Zach Sang asked the self-producing group what their songwriting process is like from start to finish and what inspires them, acknowledging that it is rare for a K-Pop group to be self-producing, especially among girl groups.

Yuqi, Minnie, and Soyeon introduced themselves as the producers of the group, with leader Soyeon being identified as the main producer, who helped break down their creative process.

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Soyeon explained that she frequently draws inspiration from her fellow members and stated that understanding the members’ thoughts and the messages they want to convey to their fans is an important part of her job.

Yuqi answered that she seeks inspiration everywhere, from strangers passing her to sights she sees walking down the road; the possibilities are endless.

Minnie shared that she’s inspired by the people around her and her fellow members, hilariously adding, “especially Yuqi” when the younger member asked.

When writing the songs, Soyeon revealed that she begins with a song title before anything else. After establishing a title, she then works on a melody before moving on to the lyrics.

Soyeon clarified that everyone in the group loves music, and they have the collective goal of composing their songs to tell the group’s story.

This goal led the group to begin their career by debuting with their own songs, and they’ve been involved with the production and creation of their music ever since.

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