(G)I-DLE Hilariously Expose Shuhua For Never Answering On The Group Chat — And Shuhua’s Defense Makes It Worse

Things didn’t go as planned for Shuhua.

(G)I-DLE were asked which member is the most likely to ghost on their group chat, and they didn’t even have to discuss it—Shuhua was quickly picked after a unanimous vote!

| @yeh.shaa_/Instagram

Hilariously, the members did not even hesitate when they were given the question, pointing straight away to Shuhua.

| Buzzfeed Celeb/YouTube 

Then Yuqi and Minnie lost no time in exposing her, saying that she never replies and that “She’s always sleeping!”

And they have proof! According to Yuqi, there is always a notification on their group chat that signals when there are unread messages, and the members always know it’s Shuhua. Except, according to Yuqi, Shuhua never fails to reply to her on WeChat!

Shuhua was ready with her defense, however. She explained that the reason why she never replies on the group chat is because she turned off the notifications for it, meaning she simply doesn’t see what’s going on. The members were hilariously affronted, with Soyeon saying, “Should we make a group chat on WeChat?” And with Miyeon hilariouly replying with, “She’d probably turn that off too.”

Considering how busy the members must be all the time, Shuhua can perhaps be forgiven for not being so active on the group chat. They all must already have so much to keep track of!

If you’d like to see the full clip you can do so on the link below.