(G)I-DLE Fans Shocked After Finding Out What’s Really Printed On Shuhua’s T-Shirt In “DUMDi DUMDi” Teaser

No wonder she has her arms folded!

The outfits in (G)I-DLE’s new “DUMDi DUMDi” teasers have been a hot topic of conversation among fans for the last week, but nothing could prepare Neverlands for the outrageous text printed on Shuhua’s t-shirt.

Fans are excited for (G)I-DLE to serve fresh vibes in their new summer comeback, but one thing that’s really left everyone stumped is the outfit choices. Soojin, for example, is wearing a pretty floral top in her teaser.

Yuqi, on the other hand, is wearing a full cowgirl get-up. The difference in styling between all the members has everyone confused about how the outfits are supposed to fit together.

But the real shock came when Shuhua’s concept image teaser was released on July 28. At first glance, it seems like a simple yet cute look. Her baseball tee, ponytail, and plaid skirt are reminiscent of a sweet schoolgirl look. But on closer inspection, (G)I-DLE fans learned that Shuhua’s t-shirt is anything but sweet.

While looking up Shuhua’s outfit pieces, Neverlands got the shock of the era when they found the t-shirt in its entirety and saw what was printed on it.


No wonder the t-shirt was tucked in with Shuhua’s arms folded over it! This “Good News About Sex” baseball tee is a $145 collaboration between New York Magazine and Marc Jacobs which depicts a December 1976 cover of the magazine.


Unsurprisingly, fans were shocked to learn what was really printed on the shirt. Some are wondering whether Shuhua will wear the shirt on music shows, while others are desperate to hear the other members’ reactions to the slogan (especially Minnie, who speaks fluent English).

Many Neverlands aren’t sure whether to curse the stylist or laugh at the hilarity. Of course, if Shuhua does wear the t-shirt for promotions, she won’t be the first to don an inappropriate phrase in public.

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