(G)I-DLE Minnie Reveals How BLACKPINK Lisa Encouraged Her To Stay On The Path Of Debuting

When times were tough, Lisa said what she needed to hear.

From the moments of seeing (G)I-DLE‘s Minnie and BLACKPINK‘s Lisa attend concerts together and wearing classy matching necklaces, their friendship appears so light-hearted and fun.

Through a recent interview, Minnie opened up about the difficult period before she debuted and how Lisa had been a true friend for keeping her motivated.

Remembering when she felt uncertain about her future as an idol, Minnie recalled how draining the path had been leading up to that point. All it took was a true friend to make her see the positive, “Lisa once gave me advice which I still remember to this day. When I was about to debut, I was exhausted and nervous for my future.

Rather than allowing Minnie to think of everything that could possibly go wrong or second think all of her hard work, Lisa gave her advice to do the opposite. Minnie would do well regardless, “But, Lisa told me, ‘Just do your best, and every outcome will be good.’

Even though Minnie could’ve easily given up right before debuting or not given it her all, she just needed to be reminded of how talented she was and the determination that led her to debut. Those words had been so touching that Minnie had to thank her, “When I heard that, I felt encouraged. Thank you.”

Everyone has a moment where working so hard to reach a goal can drain you and make you question everything. Sometimes, all it takes is to be reminded that you have the skills to overcome anything. In the end, Minnie didn’t need to worry at all.

(G)I-DLE managed to do well all while showing their distinctive color. See Minnie recall Lisa’s memorable advice that kept her motivated and focusing on the positive.