(G)I-DLE’s Minnie Shows Off Her Gift From BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Not only is it cute, but Minnie is reminded of Lisa whenever she uses it.

Among idol friendships, the one between (G)I-DLE‘s Minnie and BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is one of the most heartwarming. It didn’t begin when they were idols, either. Their friendship supposedly goes back to when they were trainees together.

From taking the time to film Minnie and the rest of their friends in CLC‘s Sorn‘s vlog, although Lisa herself couldn’t be shown on camera

to attending WINNER‘s concert together, they have plenty of fun memories. In fact, they were even spotted wearing the cutest matching necklaces. Those weren’t the only gifts the close friends shared.

When Minnie held a live broadcast, she held up her phone, making sure it was in full view. She directed everyone’s attention to the adorable smiley face on the back of it, “This Griptok…”

While it’s typically an item someone would buy for themselves, it turned out to be a gift, “…is from our Lisa.” It was a clever one, as well. The cute design complemented her pink case, while the item itself would be super helpful for daily use.

After revealing that she’d received the thoughtful gift from her dear friend, Minnie couldn’t hold back a warm smile.

They have such a sweet friendship. Now Minnie will think of Lisa whenever she uses it.

See Minnie proudly point out the cute but useful griptok that Lisa bought just for her.