(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon Gets Candid About Her Solo Debut In Hilarious Interview

Miyeon gets real about her experience creating “Drive.”

(G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon joined Jonathan Thona for an interview on TheKstarNextDoor, and their hilarious chemistry brought out unfiltered answers from the (G)I-DLE member.

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The two sat down in a karaoke room to start the interview. They kicked it off by hilariously fighting over which side to sit on to show off their good side.

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After switching spots and settling in, Jonathan got right to it. Before the interview, he put together hard-hitting questions for the idol, stating the questions “start off bitter and end up sweet.

Miyeon was eager to participate. To bond with Jonathan, she pointed out that she once had a pair of green glasses like the ones he was wearing. She shared she hasn’t been able to find green frames like them since she wore some in the sixth grade. The show then put a predebut photo of her that Miyeon revealed a “kind friend” had leaked. In the photo, she was wearing green frames.

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Their antics continued when Jonathan asked her about “K-Cardi B,” which was meant as a reference to the twerking move Soyeon does in (G)I-DLE’s “TOMBOY.” Miyeon acknowledged that the group had seen the comments poking fun at the move online, but she thought it was a cool introduction to the song.

Jonathan asked her if she could demonstrate; Miyeon initially hesitated but was a good sport while hinting her company may have it edited out by saying, “my agency might not allow it to air.” 

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Afterward, Miyeon took off her jacket and answered some questions about her solo debut with her first mini album, My.

Again putting her in the hot seat, Jonathan asked if she made her solo debut because of an unfair split in (G)I-DLE’s profits. Miyeon humorously responded by asking when they were going to get to the “sweet” questions.

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In a more serious response, she shared that she wanted the chance to show another side of herself without restrictions. Jonathan said he heard she was not the best driver but named her song “Drive” and asked if she could explain. She said that being the driver in the song’s context meant that she was the one in control of her life, as a reminder to believe in herself.

She pointed to one line that summed up the meaning, “I’m the one who is at the wheel.
In response, Jonathan asked if Miyeon had participated in writing the lyrics, to which she laughed while answering she had not. He then hilariously quipped, “So who was at the wheel?” and asked where she was in the car then.

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Not one to be subtle, Jonathan pointed out that the behind-the-scenes shots of the music video looked a little suspicious. A clip played of Miyeon’s team shaking the prop car she was in, and Miyeon said she was just as shocked and expected there to be different special effects. Revealing, “I have no idea why they had to rock the car like that… I was just sitting in the rocking car.

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She referenced a scene from the music video where she is turning the wheel in the car, but the background stays on a straight path.

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She ended the interview by saying she shows unique charms in her concept as a solo artist and with (G)I-DLE. She has a strong concept with the group, and on her own, she leans into a princess image. She is eager to show both sides to fans and said that both are authentic to herself.

The fun interview ended with the two singing Miyeon’s song “Te Amo.” To check out the whole segment, you can view it below!

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