(G)I-DLE Miyeon’s Photos Growing Up Reveal She’s Always Been A Natural Beauty

Just stunning 😍

When (G)I-DLE Miyeon‘s name comes up in conversation, it’s usually because of her seriously unreal beauty.

| @official_g_i_dle/Instagram

No matter what angle she’s pictured in, she always manages to look stunning. The following pictures of Miyeon in her youth simply prove that her beauty is all-natural!

Unsurprisingly, Miyeon was a pretty little girl growing up.

She’s always had beautiful large eyes, a small face, and a high nose bridge.

As a teenager, she was definitely at the “ulzzang” level.

The words “angelic beauty” may come to mind!

With this face, there’s no way anyone can deny how stunning she is.

If you were to see her on the street, you might even do a double take.

She’s absolutely adorable with these bunny ears on!

But let’s be honest, even these bunny ears can’t distract from her visuals.

How can someone so effortlessly elegant and classy even exist?

It’s not just pictures taken on the street—all of her selfies are also certified stunning!

Because of how gorgeous Miyeon’s always been, it’s easy to agree that she was born beautiful!