(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon And Yuqi Spill On “Rich Girl Minnie’s” Unexpected Financial Habit

The members hilariously spilled on the group’s financial mindset.

(G)I-DLE is back, and to promote their sixth mini-album, I Feel, members Miyeon, Yuqi, and Minnie appeared on Jonathan Thona‘s variety show, TheKstarNextDoor.

(From left:) (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon, Yuqi, and Minnie | @gidle_py/Twitter

As usual, Jonathan had plenty of fun content prepared for the three (G)I-DLE members, and they found themselves playing guessing games based on keywords, songs, and images.

While playing a game based on keywords, they revealed one that said “rich Thai,” and Yuqi immediately declared it was a question for member Minnie.

The question was a fill-in-the-blank, and Jonathan was looking to the (G)I-DLE member to complete the phrase, “Rich Thai girl Minnie does this with the members…

Miyeon was confident she knew the answer and correctly guessed it was, “Rich Thai girl Minnie always splits the bill.

Minnie quickly defended herself, saying she often pays for the full bill before Miyeon hilariously spilled that Minnie will frequently split small bills evenly.

Jonathan didn’t know what he started when he asked the question as the members continued to playfully and jokingly bicker over who in the group often covers the full bill.

Yuqi jokingly called herself out by saying, “even a beggar like [herself]” pays the full bill.

Miyeon and Yuqi eventually cleared the air and shared they often do the same thing as Minnie. The members spilled on the reality of what happens when they foot the bill and said that even when they have the money to do it, they still think frugally and worry about spending the money, which they agreed was a good habit to have.

Check out the full hilarious moment in the video below!

Source: YouTube