(G)I-DLE Released The MV for “Oh My God”, And Fans Are Super Shook At The High-Quality Aesthetics Of The MV

They’re super shook at how beautiful it is!

(G)I-DLE just made their comeback, and Neverlands are shook!

On April 6, 2020, (G)I-DLE made their long-awaited comeback with their third mini-album titled I Trust, along with title track “Oh My God”

When CUBE Entertainment dropped the teaser for the MV on April 5, fans were absolutely stunned with the visuals! The high-class quality of sets, outfits and concepts had fans shook, and more hyped than ever! They began making GIFs of their favorite members and sharing them on community forums.


They also left comments about the aesthetics as well!

G-idle’s teaser seriously looks crazy… wow.. ever as a fan, I wasn’t really expecting anything quality from CUBE??? But wow… I’m at a loss for words… this is just a movie teaserㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ CUBE wow…


Jun Soyeon didn’t even sleep properly just to make this song. She would sleep for 2 hours and wake up. Even when she was on her schedules overseas, she would take her composing equipment. They said that when the members were all out playing, she was producing… Let’s stream like crazy for Soyeon and the members who worked hard to prepare for this comebackㅠㅠㅠ this is something we can do in return


To think that CUBE has released something like this… is Jun Soyeon a genius?… personally, I envy G-idle so much and I find them so impressive. Jun Soyeon is seriously the top genius and the other members also have awesome charms (I seriously like Wugi).


With the hype of all the majestic shots in teaser, fans looked forward to the official MV drop of “Oh My God”, and when it finally arrived, the visuals were everything they expected it to be!


(G)I-DLE most recently gained positive attention for their appearance on the girl group survival show Queendom. They made their comeback on April 6, with I Trust, which has so far sold 91.3k copies sold on the first day itself!

This makes I Trust their first album to do so, and also makes them the second group with the highest amount of first-day sales for a girl group!


Congratulations, (G)I-DLE!

Watch the MV here to celebrate, and also to admire it’s gorgeous aesthetics!

Source: Nate