(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Spotted Crying When Fans Cheered For Her After Their Final “Queendom” Stage

Shuhua, you did well!

For Queendom‘s final stage, (G)I-DLE performed a new original song called “LION.” Member Shuhua received much love when they performed it, with the idol getting her solo introduction for the performance.

In the past, Shuhua was criticized for being emotionless on stage, with antis commenting that she had no stage presence. She proved them wrong with this performance, however, and many complimented her expressive eyes and her command of the stage. Some fans have even commented that this is Shuhua’s era.

After the finale of the show, the artists lingered on stage to interact with fans and each other. Some Neverlands were heard yelling, “Shuhua, you did well!

It appears the idol heard, and she was seen covering her face to hide her tears. She turned to Soojin and hugged her as she cried.

Soon, her members huddled around her to comfort her.

Shuhua, you indeed did well! Check out her “LION” fancam here.