(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi Reveals What She Always Drinks For Her Health And You Wouldn’t Even Dare Try

Would you dare to ever drink this like Yuqi does?

(G)I-DLE‘s Yuqi appeared on My Little Television V2 where she dressed up as Harley Quinn. During the show, she surprised everyone by claiming that she can drink vinegar easily!

So the hosts Jung Hyung Don and Jang Sung Gyu challenged her to drink a glass of vinegar like water.

Yuqi and Jang Sung Gyu took the challenge and drank a glass of vinegar together! Yuqi literally drank the vinegar as if it was water!

Yuqi finished it clear in one shot, claiming it was delicious! She explained that she drinks it regularly because drinking vinegar is good for your health!

Meanwhile, Jang Sung Gyu had a difficult time drinking the vinegar. He joked that his breath smelled like his father’s feet after drinking it!

Yuqi will go to great lengths for her health, it’s no wonder why she shines so brightly on stage!