(G)I-DLE Yuqi Mistranslated An Interview Question, Fans Cracking Up At Members’ Response

Thanks to Yuqi, the members and fans got a good laugh out of it.

(G)I-DLE member Yuqi, who is the best Korean speaker among the foreign members of the group, took it upon herself to translate an interview question for her fellow foreign members, which led to a hilarious incident.

(G)I-DLE was asked in one of their interviews the most interesting point about themselves. Yuqi proceeded to translate the question to the other members. (Note: The term “point” in Korean is “jeom”, which also means “mole”.)

“You know…the moles on your body, moles.”

“Which mole on your body…”

“Is the most interesting.”


She then began to explain that hers was the mole on her finger (which apparently no one knows about).

“For me, (the mole) here. I don’t think anyone knows.”


After hearing Yuqi’s translation, the other members began looking for moles on their body while the remaining 3 Korean members seemed confused about what they were doing.


Minnie confessed that she had a mole near her eye.

“I have one here.”


Shuhua added that she also had a mole near her eye.

“I have one too! I have one here too.”


Finally, a staff member clarified that it wasn’t the “jeom” meaning “mole” that they were referring to, but rather the “jeom” meaning “point”.

“Actually…not that ‘jeom’ but the interesting ‘jeom’ (point)…”


After realizing her mistranslation, Yuqi apologized to the other foreign members for giving them the wrong idea.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have tried to explain.”


Fans were cracking up at Yuqi’s mistake and couldn’t handle how cute the members were.

  • “How she shows the mole on her eye. Lmao. So cute.”
  • “Omg, they’re so cute. Yuqi always has big round eyes and is really cute on stage but even her actions are cute.”
  • “So cute.”
  • “The way you guys always do your best is amazing. I support you.”
  • “Why is Yuqi so cute. She’s so lovely.”
  • “They’re so cute. I’m a girl but I’m still fangirling them. They’re so pretty and cute.”


Many netizens also praised the three foreign members of the group, pointing out that they were hard-working, bright and funny.

  • “This group’s foreign members are seriously so bright.”
  • “The foreign members are all really funny. Shuhua also looks cold at first but actually, she’s like an elementary school kid. Her segment in the behind is really long. Shuhua is so funny and cute I can tell the other members love her a lot too.”
  • “When the foreign members get together they’re so funny.”
Source: Pann Nate