(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Just Revealed Her Restrictive New Diet & Fans Aren’t Sure Whether To Be Worried

Could you survive on this much food?

On June 8, (G)I-DLE’s pretty maknae Shuhua went live to talk with fans about her day. Alongside attending a meeting and having her hair cut, Shuhua revealed she also had a Pilates session. And this time, her Pilates teacher gave her a new diet plan—which Shuhua revealed in detail to all the fans watching. But after learning what she’ll be eating from now on, some Neverlands have expressed concern.

For breakfast, Shuhua will be eating one apple and one low-fat yogurt.

Shuhua’s new lunch plan is one serving of brown rice with kimchi and various side dishes, including beans.

For dinner, Shuhua will be eating one sweet potato along with one serving of chicken breast.

As for snacks? Her new diet plan doesn’t seem to include them, but it does have some extra rules and stipulations.

For example, fried foods, oily foods, and salty foods are all off limits. Stews and soups are a no-go too.

Shuhua’s Pilates teacher also told her to avoid eating on the go and eating late at night—something that Shuhua didn’t seem too pleased by.

Unsurprisingly, some fans were concerned to hear that Shuhua will be going on a diet. The calorie count in her meal plan seems a little low, and Neverlands already think Shuhua is perfect the way she is.

But others aren’t so worried, since Shuhua has already shown that she looks after her body well. Plus, her new diet plan covers a broad range of food groups, from carbs to protein to legumes.

Some Nevies are even speculating that this could be a (G)I-DLE summer comeback underway.

During the broadcast, Shuhua asked fans if they wanted to start a new diet alongside her. For those who want to accompany Shuhua on her journey, one kind Neverland has posted plenty of tips for fans on how to start a new eating plan the healthy way—with the most important advice being to always consult a healthcare professional before changing your nutritional habits.

Hopefully, Shuhua and her Pilates teacher did the same before deciding on her new diet!

Source: VLIVE