(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Proves She’s Always Been A Visual Goddess With Pre-Debut Pictures

Gorgeous since birth.

As (G)I-DLE‘s official visual, Shuhua has been capturing hearts with her gorgeous features ever since debut.

Neverlands have uncovered photos of Shuhua pre-debut, back when she was a student in Taiwan, and it only proves that she’s been beautiful ever since.

The photos appear to be posted by her friends from her middle school. People can’t believe how effortlessly gorgeous she is, with many commenting that she looks like the main character of a Taiwanese movie.

Fans even uncovered old photos of Shuhua video calling her friends. She is bare-faced in the pictures, showing that she doesn’t need make-up to reach peak beauty.

Even when she was a child, she was already a visual. Some people are truly blessed with top-tier visuals.

Ye Shuhua, you are truly gorgeous!

Source: Pann