(G)I-DLE’s Minnie Reveals Some Never-Before-Seen Photos, And They Speak Volumes About What She Treasures Most

The photos and the camera itself hold so many memories.

(G)I-DLE‘s Minnie revealed her must-have items on “Your Name Tag” with ELLE KOREA, and the things she can’t live without speak volumes about Minnie’s sweet personality.

One of Minnie’s most precious items is her camera, a Nikon 28Ti.

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A gift from her fans, Minnie has carried it with her everywhere for two years. Like how the camera’s always been by her side, so have Neverlands, and Minnie hopes she can continue to be with her fans for a long time.

Minnie affectionately named her camera Manichin, which is what you get if you spell Minicha backward in Thai. Minicha is Minnie’s nickname, combining her stage name Minnie with her real name Nicha. Minnie also has an Instagram account dedicated to pictures she takes with her film camera.

Here’s one of the pictures she’s posted on the account!

Besides the pictures she’s already uploaded, Minnie has tons of images she has yet to show the public. When ELLE asked if there were any photos Minnie wanted to show for the first time, she eagerly responded by whipping out her phone. The first one she showed was of fellow bandmate Shuhua. The photo was from the last music show broadcast of (G)I-DLE’s “TOMBOY,” when the girls reproduced their childhood memories on stage.

Minnie also had pictures of the other members from that day, and her bright smile while going through the photos proves her immense love for the girls.

Minnie also showed ELLE a picture from a zoo in Thailand and a picture of Dubai at night, further highlighting that, like most photographers, Minnie’s camera is a time capsule of her most treasured memories.