“Nxde” Wasn’t The Only Title Track By (G)I-DLE That Cube Entertainment Was Hesitant About, But There’s A Simple Reason Why They Always End Up Approving

Soyeon fights for what she wants.

As the main producer of (G)I-DLESoyeon is in charge of all of (G)I-DLE’s title tracks, and thanks to her creative genius, the group has produced hit after hit. But while success is euphoric, failure cuts even deeper, and Soyeon couldn’t help but be nervous after their one-year hiatus.

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Thanks to the insane success of “TOMBOY,” Soyeon regained her confidence, but despite the achievements, Cube Entertainment was initially hesitant to approve their next comeback title, “Nxde.”

Thanks to the multiple meanings of the word “nude,” the company quickly expressed doubts about the message the song could convey.

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But their hesitance and refusal only further fueled Soyeon to push through with “Nxde” as the title track. She’s the kind of person who wants to do something the more you are against it, so their efforts at dissuading Soyeon were for naught.

Also, the main reason why she was so strongly for “Nxde” was that she was hoping to break stereotypes with the song. Soyeon didn’t perceive the word “nude” as sexual; it was simply the state of being truest to oneself.

[Thinking about breaking the stereotype of ‘nude’] So, I was like ‘I need to release this! I need to show them!’ I need to show them this is not something sexual!

— Soyeon

There’s no doubt that Soyeon’s message through “Nxde” was one the world needed to hear, and we’re super thankful for Soyeon’s relentless passion. However, “Nxde” wasn’t the only title track that Cube was hesitant about; the company was completely against their 2020 summer release “DUMDi DUMDi.”

From the beginning, Soyeon held a strong belief in her music, and she persuaded the company by promising to take full responsibility for the outcome of “DUMDi DUMDi.” Her willingness to bet everything on the line won the company over.

The company was really against it. But I told them I’ll be responsible for it. If we mess up, I’ll take care of it.

— Soyeon

Of course, “DUMDi DUMDi” became another greatly beloved song by (G)I-DLE. Thanks to that, the company doesn’t go against Soyeon’s opinions anymore; even if they’re hesitant, they’re willing to be persuaded to share her vision.

So people don’t really say no ever since then. I’ll take the responsibility if this song fails.

— Soyeon

Given the consistent, widespread appeal of Soyeon’s music, it’s no surprise that Cube always ends up approving Soyeon’s title tracks. She’s never failed to deliver, and we can’t wait to see what more incredible music she has in store.