Here’s (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi Casually Holding An Iguana Because She Can

It’s just a girl and her lizard, no biggie.

Spotted in New York, (G)I-DLE‘s Yuqi wowed the locals with not only her visuals – but also her ability to casually hold an iguana like it’s no big deal.


As New Yorkers continued to share sightings of (G)I-DLE in Brooklyn, an Instagram account – by the handle of @jphotony – uploaded multiple pictures of Yuqi and fellow (G)I-DLE members slaying the streets of the east coast.


And in the series of these pictures were Yuqi and the iguana in question. Yuqi doesn’t seem intimidated by the reptile at all – rather, the two of them look like some kickass team from a cartoon show, most likely about a girl and her pet dragon!


The iguana also looked very chill hanging out with Yuqi. While not a lot has been disclosed about the identity of the iguana, we all know for a fact it is one lucky lizard for getting the chance to snap these fun pictures with Yuqi!


Here’s to Yuqi handling whatever comes her way – including random friendly four-legged reptiles!