GIF Of TWICE Nayeon Eating Ice Is Going Viral Around The World

Nayeon is coming to wreck your bias list with her ice-stuffed cheeks!

TWICE has been blessing us with their refreshing summertime concept and took things a step further during their #DanceTheNightAway3rdWin ceremony.


Each of the girls fulfilled their promise to fans by performing their encore with ice cubes in their mouths after winning first place.


All the members have captured netizens hearts with their adorable reactions to the ice, but Nayeon‘s reaction has gone viral worldwide!


Perhaps it’s the refreshing way she puts the ice in her mouth…


Or the adorable way she stores the ice in her cheeks!


It could even be the incredibly cute way she pouts and looks surprised by the sudden cold that has captured everyone’s attention.


But netizens all over the world have started to talk about her and think she’s as cute as TWICE stans have been saying all along!


The GIF went viral on Reddit, one of the largest internet portals in the world. It currently has over 30,000 upvotes and was on the front page of the entire forum.


With this single GIF, Nayeon is taking over the internet and ruining everyone’s bias list in one fell swoop!


But it looks like she’s a bit embarrassed, as she’s been telling fans to refrain from watching it.